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Form 5's - Don't let the insurer cut weekly payments this Christmas.

Form 36 Notice to Worker About Termination Date for Election.

Workplace death and claiming compensation.

Shoulder injuries and claiming personal injury compensation.

Neck, spine, back & spinal cord injury. Claiming injury compensation.

Compensation claims for rear end car accident injuries.

Post-traumatic stress disorder and personal injury compensation.

Removal of the Workers’ Compensation Termination Date

I am on workers’ compensation. Do I have to do a return to work program?

I am on workers’ compensation. Do I have to attend medical examinations?

Workers’ Compensation Legislative Amendment (COVID-19 Response) Bill.

Can my employment be terminated while I am on workers’ compensation?

COVID-19 and Your Right to Claim Personal Injury Compensation.

Workplace bullying and workers' compensation stress claims.

What is a workers' compensation conciliation conference at WorkCover?

Is retraining available through the workers' compensation system?

Injured by a Uber, Ola, taxi or other commercial vehicle?

Injured on public transport? Can you claim compensation?

Car crash injury compensation. How is my claim settled?

Motor vehicle injury at work? Can I claim compensation?

Catastrophic car accident injury compensation claims.

Car accident compensation - dependency and property claims.

Car accident injury claim – are compensation payments taxed?

Car crash compensation claims - how are they assessed?

Whiplash injuries and claiming car accident compensation.

Employer's cannot avoid paying workers' compensation.

Proportionate liability and personal injury compensation.

Injured as a pedestrian? Claim personal injury compensation.

Workers' compensation claims – how are they assessed?

Do compensation payments impact social security benefits?

Suffering work related stress or other mental health issues?

Injured at work? Make a workers' compensation claim.

Injured on the road? Claim personal injury compensation.

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